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May 28 2012


Easy lose belly fat acquainted with minimal effort

The need to get flat and fit belly at first may seem difficult task, especially for women with a lot of pent-abdominal fat, but it is not.

Many folks refer to the look of belly fat, as an unavoidable phenomenon that always happens to their body when they reach middle age, and prefer to live with it somehow. However, there is a natural and best way to lose belly fat at home, on which you just need to spend a small amount of your time and effort.

Best Way To Lose Belly Fat

So, how to remove belly fat at home?

Anatomy of abdominal fat

As for the belly fat, you're actually working with two sorts of fats. Those folds in the stomach, for which you can grab with your fingers, called subcutaneous fat. But there are also deeper layers of fat that is in the abdominal cavity and enveloping all of your internal organs - this is his visceral form.

Visceral fat prospects to such changes in an organism that can cause high cholesterol levels and increase inflammatory processes - which, in turn, can lead to a number of ailments of the heart. Your tendency to accumulate visceral fat is dependent on many factors: age, hormones and genetic predisposition. Women, who took birth, also tend to accumulate visceral fat, as well as a woman approaching middle age.

Fat burning

The best way to lose belly fat at home is to burn excess fat via exercise. Localized exercises such as squats or twisting are able to add the tone of the abdominal muscles, but they will not help you to reduce the stomach. Experts advocate first receiving 30 - 60 mins of moderate-intensity aerobic activity - such as responsive walking, swimming or cycling - so many days a week, as much as you can.

Muscle tone

Be sure to include your own program of exercise and strength training as an important component to effectively clear away fat from the abdomen. strength training increases the percentage of muscle mass in your body, which contributes to more speedy metabolism. The exercises, which must first pay attention - squats or leg press, different sorts of ab crunches and leg lifts, and work with the muscles of the hips.

Of course, for the weight training you can go to the gym, but you can just buy your own dumbbells and even special exercise equipment for home in the sporting goods store and perform all these exercises at home. execute power training 2 - 3 times a week, which will give your body a chance to recuperate well between classes. Aerobic exercise and strength training also helps eradicate or significantly reduce the expression of another bad factor as cellulite.

A healthy diet

All the calories are exactly the same, no issue what foods you eat. Therefore, there is no miracle food that you eat and burn fat fast. It is better to focus your attention on proper diet, rich in monounsaturated fats, which can improve the health of your heart. But still be cautious - any type of fat is still a high-caloric, so do not overdo it too much.

For a healthy diet, calculate how many energy you need to maintain your latest weight at your usual motor activity. If you want to lose 0.5 kg a week, with limitations on diet and exercise, reduce your calories by 500 every day. To lose 1 kg per week, subtract 1000 energy.

Best Way To Lose Belly Fat

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